Welcome to my workshop;

Even if you don't order my works, a new and warm friendship anywhere in the world is worth everything to me.

I deal with several types of art in Ankara, mainly sculpture and ceramics. I make jewelry and decoration items from Polyester, Glass and Ceramic materials in my workshop. Since 2016, I have been practicing my art with the experience and knowledge I have gained from expert instructors, courses or my own trial and error method.

I create special designs by using an aesthetic perspective when making jewelry. If you have the jewelry designs you dream of, we can design them together and decide whether their production is possible or not. You visit my website from various parts of the world, I know that although it is not possible physically, we can spend time together in the virtual environment. I am waiting for our friends who are curious and want to stop by for a nice chat at my workshop. If you have questions, I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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How we start our business

Why Should You Choose Us?

Purchasing a beautiful handmade item from another place or time, enables us to take home some of the magic and wisdom it represents. Meeting the people and learning the stories behind these creations enables us to take home some of the ingenuity and passion that went into creating them. We aim to fill our homes and our lives with the spirit of creativity while facilitating profound human interaction and understanding.

How Was Clay Glass Installed?

Clay Glass was founded with the aim of creating an extraordinary discovery platform that will inspire people to explore beyond familiar geographical and cultural boundaries. Often, it is the unfamiliar which touches our souls in the most powerful ways; discovering little reflections of ourselves in the unknown.

When you look around,you can see animals gorgeus pattern, forms, feather or colour harmony.This miraculous gift held on to expose for inspiration. I believe that everybody are unique.Neither we accept nor not accept, each people has ‘Taste of art’ , Clay&Glass offers custom made accessories